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Order  - Oothoptera       Family - Blattelidae       Species - Blattela germanica

Life Cycle :

Living Habits :

The German cockroach favors indoor warm moist environments .  They are general feeders and hide from light.  Found in cracks and crevices usually near food and moister, bathrooms, kitchens, break rooms. It prefers wood pulp surfaces such as cardboards. Able to establish large populations. 

Humans provide all necessary living conditions needed for their survival,  making the German cockroach the NUMBER 1 indoor pest cockroach in the world.  If ever found outside,  it is in cracks and crevices by structures and sources of food and moister.   By staying indoors, it protects itself from natural enemies and from having to adapt to outdoor environmental changes.

DO NOT confused with the ASIAN cockroach which was recently introduced to Florida.  It is very similar in appearance but has different living habits,  it favors OUTDOOR tropical areas,  are true flyers and does NOT hide from the light as the German cockroach does.

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