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Affordable Commercial Pest Control Service Fees


There are ( 5 ) ways  we can assure your company  the lowest possible commercial service fees, while at the same time, upgrade your current commercial service programs.


  1. Let us evaluate your current  services and inform you of our findings,  when concluded,  you will know if your current commercial pest  control programs are meeting your service needs and expectations.

  2. Commercial pest control service BIDS - providing your company with the most comprehensive programs and always considering the lowest possible fees. 

  3. When thoroughly evaluating your service needs,  if applicable,  we will provide an additional 10 % DEDUCTION from your current programs.

  4. When considering your service needs,  if applicable,  NOT adding an extra fee amount for INITIAL set-up of regular preventive service programs. 

  5. If your company decides to provided us with your Pest Control Service BUDGET,  we will evaluate the possibility of meeting  all of your company's financial plans.

Disclaimer: As applicable, offers of fee reductions applies to new clients only.  Other fee discount offers, as available,  per circumstance as found on the premises...


Protecting your property from the nuisance of pests is our number one concern and our highest priority.

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