Miami Exterminators, Inc.

Tel. 305-870-0661 ~ 305-870-0561

Toll Free, 1-888-870-0661

Fax: 305-691-1137

Standard Service Programs 

MonthlyEvery 2 months  or Quarterly Service Programs. 

  • Interior & Exterior areas.

  • Commercial Programs are Prepared Expressly to Meet Our Client's Service Needs. 

  • INSECT  &  RODENT Control Programs.

  • Personnel Devoted to Every Service Detail.

  • Standard Full Service Attire -or- Uniforms for all Personnel.

  • Maintaining Excellent Communication with Our Clients.

  • Prepared Confidential Service Report.

  • 24 Hours or Less for Emergency Responses. 

  • Using I P M -or- Integrated Pest Management Applications.

  • Applying Only  EPA  Approved Low Odor Formulations and Baits.

  • Supplying Our Clients with MSDS -or- Material Safety Date Sheets.

  • As a Team,  working with our clients and effectively establishing a Pest Free Environment,

  • Much More . . .

Protecting your property from the nuisance of pests is our number one concern and highest priority.

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