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I P M -or- Integrated Pest Management

What is Integrated Pest Management  or  IPM.

Modern public emphasis has been focused on sensitive environmental issues and pesticide safety.  The Pest Control Industry has recognized these concerns for many years,  that's why pesticide manufacturers have spent millions of dollars producing safer,  less toxic and more effective products.  All  50  States have legislated laws addressing these safety concerns.  New innovative technologies allowing controlling pests with less pesticide usage has fully reached the pest control industry.  

IPM programs can be basically described as General Pest Control Program Methods designed to apply minimal or no pesticides while maintaining a high level of pest control service.  This is achieved by concentrating on other natural and biological means of control,  such as :

1) Sanitation - effectively eliminating problems and concerns that may be conducive to breeding and harborage of pests.  

For example,  1) dirty trash bins,  2) overloaded and un-sanitized trash dumpster sites,  3) the presence of damaged,  undisturbed and opened food items,  4) standing dirty water puddles,  5) NOT regularly rotating produce & food stocks,  6) maintaining dirty employee locker areas,  7) food debris remaining under units,  8) dirty floors drains;  etc.  

Good sanitation practices can help resolve the nuisance of “Fruit” fly activity,  indicating a good example for applying IPM service methods.  The pest control specialist must first consider every other means of control instead of just randomly contaminating and fogging the premises to knock-down adult flies.   The biological metamorphosis -or- life transformation of the fly is complete. Meaning that from birth to adult it lives through four stages of development.:  1.  egg,  2.  larvae -or- maggot,  3.  pupae,  4.  adult fly.  The second part of development is the larvae -or- maggot stage,  it feeds and breeds in rotten and fermenting food items or in standing dirty water.  Eliminating WHERE the larvae feeds and breeds will effectively assure that no adult Fruit flies will be present, as by completely eliminating the fly nuisance without ever applying pesticides.

 2) Structural Proofing for the Exclusion of Pests - eliminating problems and concerns that are conducive to allowing pests access to the premises.  For example,  broken or open windows and doors,  cracks and voids around specific entry areas - such as under doors,  cracks and openings in walls,  open holes or voids near ground,  cracks by pipes,  etc.

3) Mechanical Means - Mechanical Fly -or- Rodent Catching units and other none-pesticide mechanical devices designed for catching or repelling specific pests.

Miami Exterminators, Inc recognizes and applies the use of IPM or Integrated Pest Management Programs whenever possible.  However;  please consider that these programs can only be achieved with the client's full cooperation as by following-up and carrying-out all  (written & verbal)  Environmental Recommendations provided in such section of our confidential Service Report.  Working together as a team,  the company and the client can--and will effectively provide for a pest free and chemically safe environment.  If you need further information concerning IPM or for any of our other service agendas and programs,  please do not hesitate to contact our office at any time.

We strive to always assure our clients the very best professional efforts when providing environmentally safe Integrated Pest Management Service Programs.

Protecting your property from the nuisance of pests is our number one concern and our highest priority.

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